Scheme Documents

SMDA Risk-Based Interchangeability Testing Approach 2.0 14/09/2015
Outlines key factors and considerations in developing a Risk-based IC Testing Approach

SMDA Entry and Exit Criteria 1.0 18/11/2015
Set of criteria conditions that need to be met by devices prior to testing and to successfully complete assurance process

SMDA Test Forecast Model Approach 2.0 07/09/2015
The approach the Scheme Operator will take in developing the Test Forecasting model (TFM)

SMDA Testing Strategy for Device Changes 1.2 24/08/2015
Outlines the Scheme Operator's proposed approach to device re-testing

SMDA Change Management Procedure 1.0 26/10/2015
Sets out the procedure for proposal of, and decisions regarding, changes to SMDA 'Applicable Products'.

SMDA Issues and Dispute Resolution Procedure 1.0 30/11/2015
Process for raising an issue, escalating and issue were the party disagrees with outcome and referring an issue to the SMDA Co Board

SMDA Quality Assurance Framework 1.0 09/02/2016
Provides an overview and outlines key components of the Quality
Assurance Framework

SMDA Website and Device Assurance Register Specification 1.0 09/05/2017
Outlines background to, and the agreed functionality of the SMDA website and Device Assurance Register (DAR)

SMDA Test Exemption Procedure 1.2 08/09/2017
Outlines necessary steps to be taken by the Manufacturer, Test House and the Scheme Operator as part of the Test Exemption process

SMDA Testing Architecture 1.0 27/01/2017
Outlines SMDA Testing Architecture

SMDA Schedule 9.0 04/09/2017
Scheme schedule

SMDA Testing Overview 1.1 06/03/2017
High-level overview of the SMDA Scheme objectives, scope and parameters and how those objectives are met

SMDA Testing Approach 1.0 09/05/2017
Describes the SMDA testing approach based on the evolution of the SMDA testing requirements

SMDA Engagement and Communications Plan 1.0 03/04/2017
Proposes methods of engagement with stakeholders internal and external to the project

SMDA Charging Model 1.0 06/06/2017
Ensures members understand how pricing is set, providing transparency on potential lifetime costs of device assurance

Process for Issuing SMDA Assurance 1.1 08/09/2017
Outlines process between the Manufacturer, Test House and Scheme Operator to issue SMDA Assurance for a Device

Interchangeability Testing Plan - Go Live 1.0 12/04/2017
Provides a detailed plan for IC testing for the initial Go Live period

Test Specification Library 1.0.6 22/06/2018
Library of SMDA test specifications

SMDA Assurance Baseline Approved 2018-06-21 21/06/2018
Sets out the SMDA baseline components

Traceability Matrix 1.0.0 03/08/2017

SMDA Assurance Fees  1.2 21/08/2017
Sets out the fees for SMDA testing and assurance

SMDA Test House Terms and Conditions 1.0 03/08/2017 Test House terms and conditions
SMDA Test Forecast Model and Reporting Procedure 1.0 24/08/2017
To better forecast demand, the SO has developed a model for estimating the demand for testing

SMDA Change Management Form 1.1 15/03/2018
Form for members to submit a change proposal

SO Exemptions Guidance 1.2 30/11/2017
Provides guidance to manufacturers and Test House when applying for, and assessing, exemptions

SMDA Branding Guidelines 1.0 08/11/2017
Explains how the SMDA Marks and Ident may be used

SMDA Over-Recovery Mechanism 1.0 28/11/2017
Outlines the detailed mechanism by which any over-recovery of testing fees will be returned to manufacturers