Scheme Documents

SMDA Risk Based Interchangeability Testing Approach 2.0 14/09/2015 Outlines key factors and considerations in developing a Risk-based IC Testing Approach, covering both enduring and initial Go Live strategies.
SMDA Entry and Exit Criteria 1.0 18/11/2015  Sets out conditions that need to be met by the devices prior to commencing SMDA testing and to successfully complete the assurance process.
SMDA Change Management Procedure 1.0 26/10/2015  Outlines procedure for proposal of, and decisions regarding, changes to SMDA Products
SMDA Issue and Dispute Resolution Procedure 1.0 30/11/2015 Outlines process for raising an Issue, escalating an Issue where the party disagrees with the outcome and referring an Issue to the SMDA Co Board .
SMDA Quality Assurance Framework 1.0 09/02/2016 Provides overview and outlines the key components of the Quality Assurance Framework.  
SMDA Website and DAR Specification 1.0 09/05/2017  Sets out the background to, and the agreed functionality of, the SMDA public and member-facing website and the Device Assurance Register (DAR).
SMDA Test Exemption Procedure 1.2 08/09/2017  Outlines steps taken by the Manufacturer, the Test House and the SO, as part of the Test Exemption process. 
SMDA Testing Architecture Design 1.0 27/01/2017  Outlines the SMDA Test House set up, testing environment and testing tools
 SMDA Schedule 9.0 31/07/2017  Scheme schedule overview - includes archived schedules. 
SMDA Testing Overview 1.1 06/03/2017 High-level overview of the SMDA objectives, scope and parameters and how those objectives are met. 
SMDA Testing Approach 1.0 09/05/2017  Describes the SMDA testing approach based on the evolution of the SMDA testing requirements
SMDA Engagement and Communications Plan 1.0 03/04/2017 Proposes methods of engagement with stakeholders internal and external to the project. 
SMDA Charging Model 1.0 06/06/2017 Outlines how pricing is set, transparency of potential lifetime costs and the structure and level of charges. 
Process for Issuing SMDA Assurance 1.1 08/09/2017 Outlines the process that needs to be followed to issue SMDA Assurance for a device and for that device to be added to the Device Assurance Register. 
Interchangeability Unit Testing Plan Go-Live 1.0 12/04/2017 This Plan sets out the approach to interchangeability testing for the Go-Live period, defined as the first 3-6 months from the date that the first device is accepted for testing
Test Specification Library 1.0.0 04/07/2017 Lists all SMDA test specifications, indicating which device type they apply to.
SMDA Assurance Baseline Approved 2017-10-11 11/10/2017 Contains both SMDA Technical and Testing Baseline.
Traceability Matrix 1.0.0 03/08/2017 Provides traceability of each SMDA Test Specification back to the SMETS requirement.
SMDA Assurance Fees 1.1 21/08/2017 Sets out the current fees for SMDA testing and assurance.
SMDA Test House Terms and Conditions 1.0 04/08/2017 Provides template of the Test House Terms and Conditions that manufacturers will need to sign up to in order to complete SMDA testing. 
SMDA Test Forecast Model and Reporting Procedure 1.0 24/08/2017 To better forecast demand and to help calculate the charges more accurately, the Scheme Operator (SO) has developed a model for estimating the demand for testing.
SMDA Change Management Form 1.0 25/08/2017 Complete form to submit a Change Proposal.
SO Exemptions Guidance 1.0 28/09/2017 The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to manufacturers and Test Houses when applying for, and assessing, exemptions.